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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nokia E7 Smartphone is Running on Symbian

In the UK, Expansys has says that the new Nokia E7 smartphone will arrive on April 12, 2011. This Nokia QWERTY smartphone is sold for price of £494.99 (about €576 or $785) that less than previous reported.

Nokia E7 smartphone is running on symbian^3 and has 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 640 x 360 pixels and Glass Coated, 8 Megapixel auto-focus camera with Dual LED Flash and geotagging.

The upcoming Nokia E7 phone is boasts a 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU with OpenGL-ES 2.0 3D acceleration, 16GB internal memory, and 256MB RAM. Dimensions of Nokia E7 are 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm and weight 176g.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Samsung NX11 Digital Camera

Samsung is certainly producing high quality products when it comes to the world of digital cameras. And now Samsung prepares a new digital camera, the NX11. Samsung NX11 basically is not too different from Samsung’s previous product of first mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, the NX10. The NX11 is compatible with the new i-Function lens and will come with an 18-55mm i-Function lens, along with a couple of new i-Function lenses, a 20-50mm zoom silver color and a 20mm pancake lens.

i-Function will deliver a perfect picture at your fingertips by offering an easy method of controlling camera. New i-Function system enables you to use left hand when you want to change camera’s advanced settings courtesy of a button built into i-Function lens. You don’t have to take your camera off the target. A change in grip design of NX11 also delivers usability that makes shooting easier and more comfortable. NX 11 is simplifying the search for best mode for each lens with its lens priority mode dial. No matter what you are going to shoot, either photos of large groups or panoramic pictures you just need one press-and-sweep motion.

Other hardware specifications of NX11 include a built-in electronic VGA (640×480) viewfinder and built-in flash. It is also equipped with a 3.0” AMOLED LCD display. You need $649 to get this camera which comes bundled with a zoom lens.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Download Themes Just Black : Themes For Nokia E72

It’s been quite some time since I posted up some new themes, probably because I haven’t seen many that have really caught my eye. However, in the past few weeks there have been a handful of Nokia E72 themes posted up over at and some of them are beautiful. The simple & lightweight theme called "Just Black" is my current favorite and a few others look great as well.

Just Black

Nokia E72 Themes

Visit here for Download complete Nokia E72 Themes

Hunt Your Way To A Nokia E73 Mode Or A Nokia E72

Nokia’s just recently released the E73 ‘Mode’ for T-Mobile in the US. It is basically the E72 with some styling differences and support for T-Mobile’s 3G bands. To celebrate, the Ovi Daily App blog is having a ‘scavenger hunt’ in which you can win yourself one. If you are not in the Unites States and your hunt bears fruit, you will be entitled on a Nokia E72, a device I love.

Hunt Your Way To A Nokia E73 'Mode' Or An E72

The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ started on June 3rd and will end on June 16, the day the ‘Mode’ launches in the US. In order to enter the competition, you need to answer a total of ten questions that are being put up each day on this page. You will also need a Ovi Mail account to email the answers to If you don’t have one, sign up now as using an Ovi account is mandatory.

Don’t worry that you are late, you can still catch up on the previous 5 questions and submit your answers. The important thing is that you answer all the 10 questions correctly. Judging by what I’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t be too hard and the guys at the Ovi Daily App blog are generous with hints too.

Ovi Store June Stats: Nokia E72 Low-Mid End Devices Rule Downloads

Bill Perry of Nokia’s just published the latest Ovi Store stats for the month of June, what is missing is figures like total number of downloads, growth vis-a-vis last month and so on, but his post does provide an insight into the handsets people are using to download content off the Ovi Store.

Ovi Store June Stats: Nokia's Low-Mid End Devices Rule The Roost

Off the cuff when you think of apps stores, you think of (at least I do) people with high end smartphones busy downloading the latest apps but in reality as these stats show, its about the volume which comes from low-mid end devices that may or may not be smartphones. One thing that I have noted over the last few years is that the average guy on the street may have no clue what apps are, but if you look at his phone, he will have a few custom themes on it and I can image such would be items people are downloading off the Ovi Store for devices like the Nokia 2700 Classic.

Bill goes on to provide a few highlights which are reproduced below:

  • Nokia touch (Symbian 5.0) comprise a majority of the top devices
  • 5230 is one of the top devices in six of the top countries
  • N900 is one of the top devices in five of the top countries
  • The new C3-00 is one of the top devices in Indonesia

Below is all of the specific information for the top 15 countries.

Top 15 countries (in alphabetical order)

China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Top Ovi Store devices by country (as of June 14, 2010 in alpha-numeric order, bold denotes new addition since last month)

  • China: 5230, 5233 (China Only), 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E63, E72, N86 8MP, N97, N97 mini, X6
  • Egypt: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5310 XpressMusic 5800 XpressMusic, 6300, E71, N75, N96, N97, X3
  • France: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N95, N95 8Gb, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • Germany: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, E72, N97, N97 mini, N900, N95, X6
  • India: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5310 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 7210 Supernova, E71,  N79, N97, N97 mini
  • Indonesia: 3120 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5300 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, c3-00, E63, E71, E72, N73
  • Italy: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, N73, N95, N95 8Gb, N97, N97 mini, N900, X3
  • Russian Federation: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6303 Classic, 6303I Classic, 6500 Slide, 6700 Classic, N97
  • Saudi Arabia: 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N75, N79, N82, N86 8MP, N96, N97, N97 mini
  • Spain: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N85, N86 8MP, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • Thailand: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6500 Slide, E71, N97, N97 Mini, X3, X6
  • Turkey: 3120 Classic, 3600 Slide, 5800 XpressMusic, 6500 Slide, E71, E72, N73, N79, N97, X6
  • United Kingdom: 5230, 5530 Xpress Music, 5800 Xpress Music, E71, E72, E73, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • United States: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E63, E71, E71x, E72, N97, N97 Mini, N900
  • Vietnam: 2700 Classic, 2730 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6300, 6500, 7210 Supernova, E71, X3

Microsoft Communicator Mobile Comes To Nokia’s Eseries

The first result of Nokia and Microsoft’s alliance to build productivity solutions is the Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia’s Eseries devices. The first ones to benefit would be the E72 and the E52 and the application would be available from the Ovi Store. In future, the app will come preloaded on new devices.

Communicator Mobile enables people to see their colleagues’ availability, and click to communicate with them using the best method, from IM to email, text to phone call. The names and status of colleagues are embedded directly into the devices’ contacts application, enabling people to update their own presence, start and join instant messaging sessions, and begin calls directly from the contact card.

“This application really provides a much more efficient way to work with others as you can see if someone is busy or available, and the best way to start a conversation with them,” says Ukko Lappalainen, Vice President at Nokia. “It also meets all of the requirements for enterprise: cost effective to implement, secure, familiar and reliable.”

New Nokia E72 Firmware 031.023 Now Available – Detailed Change Log Inside

Nokia is on a roll, the next device to receive some firmware love is the Nokia E72. The v31 firmware brings long desired functionality such as support for internet radio among other things. Also present are the usual bug fixes including the one for the spacebar.

New Nokia E72 Firmware 031.023 Now Available - Detailed ChangeLog Inside

Inbuilt apps such as Maps and the web browser have also been updated. At the time of writing the update is only available via the NSU. It is a major update and definitely recommended. Please find the complete changelog below:

New Content
  • WAPI support for China
  • Internet radio
  • Smart Connect
  • Bloomberg
  • Advanced Communications Manager
  • Freestyle email (2.05, BL3, csw.32.rd_email_10w04)
  • My Nokia (4.1)
  • Nokia Maps SR3
  • Share on OVI (4.3)
  • OviStore (1.5.436)
  • Cherry (2.1)
  • Browser 7.2
Corrections – Only major corrections listed.

  • Stability improvements
  • Memory leak corrections to improve general stability

    Music player, radio, video recording, earphone, security sw and encryprion stability corrections
  • Localisation corrections(MAPS, Calendar, Contacts, Email and Browser area)
Email improvements
  • MFE activation registration correction
  • Synchronisation correction to mailbox creation(like Yahoo and Gmail) for the first time
  • Email editing correction(dubling of words when deleting suggestions)
  • Correction to synchronization when syncing draft meeting request
  • Set default setting “Sync while roaming” to “No”
  • Sending message without password initials crash correction
  • Messaging menu memory leak correction
  • Meeting request creation stability corrections
  • Requiring meeting request corrections
  • Meeting request saving correction if meeting request is saved before sending
  • Meeting update send after editing request
  • Contacts stability improvements (arrow keys pressed rapidly before contacts are loaded, add searched contact to the goup without name, mail box removal, open/close contacts during call, conference call with two same name participants, … )
  • Company name displayed in contacts
  • Group deleting correction when goup is deleted from group edit view
  • Contact group editing view corrections
  • Contacts search corrections (Group cannot be searched after editing its conference service number, Image detail of marked contact is not displayed in search result, Group disappears when add contact to it in searched result view)
Home screen
  • Missed call indicator removal correction after call has been accomplished form action menu
  • Message notifier corrected when several voice messages received
  • New maps version included
  • Free navigation
  • Improved GPS handling
  • Landmark corrections(land mark received vie MMS, Landmarks are not displayed when selecting places during planning route from landmarks application)
  • Voice guidance corrections (turning directions, safety camera)
  • Route planning/saving corrections
  • Browser bitmap memory leak correction
  • Browser closing stability improvement before connection is open
  • Secure connection icon corrections (going to an other secure page, secure connection canceling)
  • When moving multiple Bookmarks, the last selected Bookmark is not moved
  • Bookmark icon correction
  • Spacebar stops working correction
  • Emergency call correction when lock code query is on and call made quickly after power on
  • Theme effects disabled by default